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Laboratories for the faculties

Laboratories for the faculty include:
Inherent Safety System Lab., Industrial Health Lab., Work Environment Measurement and Control Lab., Environmental Technology Lab., Air Pollution Control Lab., Water Resource and Wastewater Engineering Lab., Waste Treatment and Waste to Resource Lab., Biomolecule-Based Technology Lab., Environmental Biotechnology Lab., Fire Safety Lab., Process Safety Lab., Environmental and Health Risk Analysis Lab., Toxic Substances and Environmental Analysis Lab., Energy Technology Research Center, Aerosol Lab., Liquid Flammability Characteristics Modeling and Testing Lab., Green Process Engineering Lab., and Green Technology and Sustainable Energy Lab.

Environmental Field
  1. Solid Waste Treatment Lab.
  2. Air Pollution Control Lab.
  3. Environmental Analytical Lab.
  4. Runaway Reaction Lab.
  5. Waste Water Engineering Lab.
  6. Industrial Health Lab.
  7. Biomolecule-Based Technology Lab.
  8. Environmental Biotechnology Lab.
  9. Green Technology and Sustainable Energy Lab.
  10. Green Process Engineering Lab.
  11. Enviromental Technology Lab.
  12. Energy Technology Research Center
Safety & Health Field
  1. Inherent Safety System Lab.
  2. Occupational Environmental Evaluation & Control Lab.
  3. Inherent Safety System Lab. Env. & Health Risk Analysis Lab.
  4. Aerosol Lab.
  5. Liquid Flammability Characteristics Modeling and Testing Lab
  6. Laboratory of Process Safety

Green Process Engineering Lab Green Process Engineering Lab
Industrial Health Lab Enviromental Technology Lab
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